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Terms for Acceptable Use


The Safety Program logos and icons below are provided for non-commercial use and are not permitted to be reproduced in any way other than what is listed.  Modifications are prohibited.  Acceptable Use:

  • Interoffice communications such as emails, presentations, and electronic message boards.
  • External electronic communications such as e-newsletters.

All other usage for these designs must be approved by the British Columbia Municipal Safety Association and Devco Consulting Ltd.  Both organizations can be reached via our Contact Us page.  All other designs on this website are copyright Devco Consulting Ltd. and are not permissible to be used in any way.

MSI Media Kit

  • Logos for both coloured and white backgrounds
  • Icons for all eight activities
  • PowerPoint Template

Winter Ready Media Kit

  • Logos for both coloured and white background
  • PowerPoint Template

Line of Fire Safety Media Kit

  • Logo
  • Icons for all four activities
  • PowerPoint Template

Enhance Your Safety Initiatives!


Visual products are a crucial way to support your message within your organization.  


Add Safety Talks to your Winter Ready program to get the message out into the field.


Running a Safety Program can seem quite daunting if you’ve never done it before.  Please read our best practices that work with companies of all sizes.

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